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Mel-in-Red: Doing gentle indoor T.T. cycling, for now. Oct 28, 2021 21:12:48 GMT
Rocket: Tenerife in 2 weeks then Gran Canaria over Christmas. Nice and cheap before fuel price hikes

Nov 10, 2021 18:47:36 GMT
Mel-in-Red: Merry christmas all Triban and B'Twin riders, hopefully more miles in 2022. Dec 25, 2021 9:32:53 GMT
bandit3: And to you .Mel & anyone left on here Dec 25, 2021 21:44:07 GMT
Mel-in-Red: Happy new year to all out there. Jan 1, 2022 11:55:55 GMT
Mel-in-Red: While i am waiting for my hip to sort itself out, punture faries have been at my rear tyre again >:D Jan 24, 2022 13:17:57 GMT
Rocket: That's a bit of a let down
Jan 24, 2022 21:24:44 GMT
Mel-in-Red: I see what you did there :D Jan 25, 2022 16:56:48 GMT *
Rocket: Today marks a very sad day. It has been 1 calendar month since anybody posted on the forum and the last post was me
Jan 26, 2022 14:57:55 GMT
Mel-in-Red: I useally pop in twice a day to see who is about. Jan 27, 2022 10:39:36 GMT *
chas: I have a look every couple of days but often forget to scroll down far enough to see this. I'm happy to answer questions when I can but don't use my Triban very often (not at all in winter) and assume people aren't interested in my rides on my other bikes. Jan 27, 2022 21:33:40 GMT
Mel-in-Red: Just made my own 2 hour training video, now to try and lay some rock music on it 🤔. Jan 29, 2022 11:50:16 GMT
Mel-in-Red: Total fail by Windows video editor program 😖 Jan 30, 2022 16:34:31 GMT
Rocket: Giving the CTXC guys a run for their money
Jan 30, 2022 19:35:50 GMT
Mel-in-Red: I could never ever give them any competition, they do some awesome rides though. Jan 31, 2022 17:25:49 GMT
Mel-in-Red: It is cetainly quiet in here, must all be out on their bikes :D Mar 23, 2022 16:41:53 GMT
Rocket: I had an outdoor ride last Sunday. Might have another this weekend
Mar 24, 2022 15:34:16 GMT
Mel-in-Red: Nearly finished repainting bedroom, wife says i can go out monday.... :D Mar 24, 2022 18:38:26 GMT *
Rocket: I rode outdoors Saturday and Sunday. My indoor power gains translated into outdoor gains. Mallorca next Wednesday for 8 nights. Primary objective - Sa Calobra in under 30 minutes. Mar 28, 2022 18:26:50 GMT
Mel-in-Red: Monday was a tad chilly in the shady lanes, had to put the lightweight windcheater on. Mar 30, 2022 19:20:59 GMT